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American Society of Interior Designers (ASID)

International Interior Design Association (IIDA)

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IIDA gives Members superior information about interior design and related issues, using its own rapidly developing knowledge center as a resource. IIDA is committed to the concept of the virtual association; the IIDA Website is a key tool for communication among IIDA’s leadership and individual Members around the World. Log on to the site to read the current and past issues of Perspective magazine or the biweekly newsletter DesignMatters. Click on links to events, Industry Members, and opportunities to navigate your way around the interior design universe.

Advocate. IIDA has established a Government and Regulatory Affairs Program that has proven to be effective at the national and state levels in the United States. IIDA is committed to assuring that interior designers are strongly and accurately represented in forthcoming hearings of the International Code Council (ICC).

Maintains. Education Standards. IIDA offers a full range of continuing education opportunities in interior design and business practice for interior designers. Courses are given at the regional and local levels; in connection with international trade shows; and through home study via industry publications, like IIDA’s Perspective, and the internet. Professional and Associate Members are required to take 1.0 CEU equal to 10 hours of continuing education units every two years.

Respond. IIDA responds to trends in business and design on a daily basis by compiling information to disseminate to our Members through IIDA specific publications and events. IIDA Roundtables gather leaders of the world’s design firms and industry thinkers to brainstorm about cutting edge issues in the design community such as trends, pending legislations, public awareness, and the incorporation of research in practice.

Celebrate. IIDA celebrates exceptional design achievements through international design competitions. Annual competitions include: Interior Design Competition, sponsored by Interior Design Magazine; The Will Ching Design Competition ; The IIDA Residential Design Competition; Hospitality Design Competition; and The Sustainable Design Student Competition; the Michael Tatum Educator Competition; and the Sustainable Design Leadership Award.

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