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Interior Decorating
Interior decorating is the ability to decorate space within buildings. Perhaps it is best to say that an interior decorator dresses spaces such as rooms, halls and corridors, offices and show places. In order to be an interior decorator, you must have an extensive knowledge of materials, including building materials, textiles and fabrics and furnishings including antique and modern furnishings.

Interior decorators decorate homes and commercial offices, store windows, stores, offices and public spaces. They are highly trained in schools of design and apprentice programs in colleges and universities.

Interior decorating is not just having an eye for color or recognizing quality furniture. It is an extensive discipline that encompasses many specialized areas of expertise, including:

  • Colors and how they relate to one another.
  • Patterns and how they relate to one another.
  • Human perception of space, depth, and texture.
  • Compatibility of furniture styles.
  • Effective space utilization.
  • Specialized painting and stenciling techniques.
  • Wide variety of possible window treatments and much more.



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