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In the United States where interior designers are registered by title, no one may use the title "interior designer" or "registered interior designer" unless they have met the requirements for education, experience, and examination as set forth in the statutes. In addition, beyond the United States, over 23 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and South America recognize the professional scope of practice of interior designers/interior architects.

So, what are the qualifications for these individuals who call themselves registered interior designers and how do they obtain registration?

National Council for Interior Design Qualification

The National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) is an independent, not-for-profit organization whose purpose is to provide the public with the means to identify interior designers who have demonstrated the minimum level of competence needed to practice interior design. As with most licensing and registration requirements "the primary purpose of licensure or certification is to protect the public. Licensing requirements are imposed to ensure that those licensed possess knowledge and skills in a sufficient degree to perform important occupational activities safely and effectively."2NCIDQ, whose representatives are composed of practitioners and educators, recognizes the importance of issues that affect health, safety and public welfare which are the basis of the NCIDQ examination.

Candidates who apply to take the NCIDQ examination must demonstrate an acceptable level of professional work experience and completion of related course work. The minimum examination requirements include two years of formal interior design experience and four years of full time work experience in the practice of interior design. Passage of the examination is required in twenty jurisdictions in the United States and eight provinces in Canada which regulate the profession of interior design. Since its inception in 1974, over 13,500 interior designers have successfully completed the examination and are NCIDQ certified.

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